Trish Goodfield
Creative Change Coach, Sixtisix Solutions


Trish is a 20+year pro at unlocking potential and a 40+year Community Services (inc Aged Care) veteran. She embodies transformative change, mastering the art of shifting people from knowing to doing, then doing consistently. Trish is a colourful mix of contradiction. She balances Caution & Courage, Playfulness & Seriousness, and Idealism & Practicality. Her wonderfully weird yet relatable nature sets her apart. With a mind brimming with knowledge from diverse journeys, monumental failures and armed with a tool box of imagination, clear thinking and humour Trish assumes the role of your Weirdsdom Wiz. She guides you and your teams to uncover hidden talents and achieve tangible results.

Embracing Weirdsdom For Diversity

The Aged Care Sector is constantly responding to continuous compliance & change initiatives while managing significant workforce shortages.
Discover the 5 Principles of Weirdsdom and how embracing it’s power can revolutionize the workplace.

Diversity encompasses more than outward appearances, gender identity and sexual orientation. It also embodies attitudes and approaches molded by individual experiences. Branding someone as “weird” is frequently employed to belittle behaviours, talents and ideas. Envision the potential to recognise and leverage these attributes to increase staff retention and market differentiation.

The 5 principles of Weirdsdom (Wisdom gained from being Weird) are:

1. Embrace Uncertainty; instead of seeking definitive answers Weirdsdom encourages embracing uncertainty and ambiguity. It acknowledges aged care is complex and that rigidly adhering to fixed beliefs can limit growth and understanding.

2. Question Everything; Weirdsdom suggests a critical approach to information and encourages individuals to think independently. Conventional wisdom isn’t always the ultimate truth.

3. Embrace Failure. Failure is often seen as a negative outcome but Weirdsdom emphasizes the value of failure as a source for valuable lessons. Instead of viewing failure as an endpoint it is seen as a valuable experience that can provide insights, resilience and adaptability.

4. Paradox and Contradiction: it highlights the idea that seemingly opposing concepts can co-exist and even complement each other, leading to a deeper understanding. This principle suggests that when we engage with opposing ideas we gain a deeper understanding of the complex issues and challenge our current cognitive limitations.

5. Unconventional Perspectives: encourages seeking out unconventional perspectives and exploring ideas outside of the mainstream. Prompts us to venture beyond the mainstream, sparking creativity and challenging boundaries of thought. Weirdsdom urges us to seek out alternative viewpoints and to question dominant narratives.

The session will offer compelling workplace examples and actionable insights in the following areas:
Embrace Authenticity: Learn how to unlock and encourage others to express their uniqueness, leading to increased engagement and a more positive work environment.

Challenge Conformity: explore how questioning norms and redefining success can drive creativity and reshape processes.
Embrace the Unconventional: Discover the value of exploring new ideas and cross-pollinating disciplines to drive organisational success.
Cultivate Curiosity and Open Mindedness: Understand the importance of seeking diverse perspectives & celebrating differences in opinion to enhance collaboration and foster empathy.
Champion Diversity and Inclusion: gain insights into valuing individuality and fostering unity beyond traditional D & I policies.