Veronica Mayne

Faster Horses

What Consumers Want

Thursday 13 October 2022

11:15am – 11:45am

Speaker Bio

Veronica Mayne is Managing Director of leading market research agency, Faster Horses. Faster Horses has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Faster Horses has produced the highly valued Inside Aged Care Report for the past 5 years (pre, during and post Royal Commission, and now pre, during and post Covid-19). The report highlights perceptions of the aged care industry among the general public and both families and individuals receiving care. This important document has become a source of valued insights on which many providers build their strategic direction.

Veronica has over 30 years in the market research industry and a wealth of knowledge in aged care, having consulted to the industry for around 20 years. This has involved countless in depth conversations with elderly people and their families to understand what concerns them, delights them and motivates them.



The Faster Horses Inside Aged Care Report 2022 reveals what people want in order to achieve an amazing ageing experience.

Our data delivers insights into a range of issues to guide the direction in which the industry must move. We will identify where the industry is not meeting expectations and give clear recommendations on ways to align better with consumer needs.

The customer insights from the report will form the basis of the session and provide practical recommendations for providers of aged care, and suppliers to the industry to better meet customer needs across the following areas:

Choice in Care:

We will demonstrate how customers choose care, what their needs are, how they prioritise those needs in choosing care partners. This year we will provide input in terms of how this relates to the breadth of providers needed to fulfil care requirements in the future. Our analysis will provide information on demand for different types of care including those servicing niche communities, local facilities catering to a range of people, large national organisations that have broad reaching appeal.


As an important element of choice in care, we will also be exploring how customers feel about managing the cost of service provision, specifically in home care, through alternative initiatives e.g. community inspired or local group efficiencies.


We will show how customers feel about what is communicated to them and by whom, understanding sentiment on past performance and desire in the future amongst both those currently accessing care and for those who will be considering care services in the future.


The presentation will provide attendees with a wealth of customer information from which to build their businesses and policies.

Faster Horses presents data that uncovers customer needs and priorities, and industry performance across in home and residential care. Our Inside Aged Care consumer research report presents key themes.