Vivienne Rontziokos

National Manager, Smart Health Partnerships, CommBank

B7 – Creating Digital Experiences for Consumers and Workforce

Thursday 13 October 2022

11:15am – 11:45pm

Speaker Bio

Vivienne Rontziokos is an experienced national manager and joined CommBank as part of the acquisition of healthcare technology company Whitecoat, where she was pivotal in the development of the Whitecoat platform and payments program since 2016. Vivienne leads the delivery of complex commercial and technology engagements and partnerships with key corporate and government stakeholders, with a focus on partnership, collaboration and using technology and innovation to deliver greater experiences and efficiencies for consumers, providers, and payers across the healthcare ecosystem. Vivienne has a Bachelor of International Studies and a Bachelor of Public Communications from the University of Technology Sydney and has a strong interest in how technology can help to deliver better experiences and outcomes in the aged care, health and disability sectors.