Will Egan
CEO, Ausmed



In November 2007 I started working at Ausmed Education, an amazing company founded by my mum, a nurse, in 1987. It was around this time that I first became interested in digital marketing, especially SEO. Over the next few years Ausmed grew to become one of the main private providers of ongoing education for health professionals in Australia (ausmed.com.au). On the back of this success, we expanded our horizons. We began building ausmed.com, a website designed to take the best of Australia’s health education and nursing and midwifery knowledge to the world.

In my mind, Ausmed represents the perfect company – it’s future focused and highly ethical. It has strong values centred around education, technology, betterment and healthcare. It looks after its customers just as much as its employees and most importantly for me, it uses the Internet to champion and distribute Australia’s high-quality health education to the world.