Yumi Stamet
Director, Purpose at Work


Yumi is a co-founder and director of Purpose at Work, a consultancy supporting organisations working towards person-centric workplaces and purpose-driven governance, quality and safeguarding models. She is a workforce and organisational development advisor with extensive experience in organisational change and workforce strategy gained from supporting sector-wide developments and reforms.  

Before starting Purpose at Work, she was a workforce adviser with National Disability Services assisting social care providers across Australia to adjust their workforce practices to the NDIS. Recently, she was also the workforce advisor to the National Eating Disorders Collaboration during the development of their National Eating Disorders Strategy.  

Her current focus is supporting human service organisations with pragmatic advice to create work environments that enable staff to do their best work for the people in their care. 


The Age of Change – Planning the Workforce for the Future

Towards the conclusion of the ACCPA 2023 National Conference, our aim is to equip you with fresh ideas and practical inspiration to enact change and adopt adaptive strategies that help you prepare for the future of aged care. However, in addressing the future, we must acknowledge existing challenges, with workforce management being a leading concern. This session will explore and connect the workforce implications of the conference’s thought-provoking concepts and opportunities, as well as outline the necessary changes required to prepare your people for what is to come. How will you strategically leverage, develop, and foster your workforce of the future, so that you can seize the opportunities in this age of change